Mad scientist

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15 to 20 persons

Number of facilitators

2 facilitators







Expected output/s :
1. Participants will be able to follow instructions
2. Participants will be able to plan and organize themselves to carry out an experiment
3. Participants will be able to work as a team
4. Participants will be able to describe their experiment in writing
5. Participants will be able to transfer their knowledge to others (peer-to-peer)

Expected short term outcomes :
1. Enhanced teamwork
2. Improved literacy: reading and writing skills
3. Increased knowledge
4. Improved communication skills
5. Enhanced problem solving skills

Connection with the long-term outcomes :
1. Developed education skills (increase their knowledge in science)
2. PSS support: develop confidence, team skills, and provide entertainment.

Worked skills

1. Work in team
2. Do some experiments
3. Peer-to-peer

Prerequisites for the audience

Assumptions :
– Good enough level of reading of the participants
– Good enough level of writing of the participants

Tips and trick for the facilitator :
Give the participants time for discussion. The Session 1 can be done alone. If so, ask the teams to swap their instructions of the experiment with another team. Each team carries out then a new experiment following the instructions of another team.


Equipment you need for the activity :
1. Tablets, TV-
2. Paper, pencils
3. Colored pens

Content used

The content you need to make this activity :
From the packages on the server (Chemistry, Physics) :