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Strengthening the quality of education for all through
technologies and innovative pedagogical methods.
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Amplify the impact of health prevention actions through
innovative solutions innovantes of information
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Capacity building for libraries

Amplify the impact of libraries by extending their reach
and strengthening their actions towards the most
vulnerable populations.
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Providing field actors with the means to accompany the
most fragile individuals towards autonomy.
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Digital Literacy

Create a citizen movement to provide everyone with the
means to be enlightened citizens of the 21st century.
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Social Cohesion

Foster the dialogue between communities and
generations by creating spaces collective expression.
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Welcoming & Integrating Migrant Populations

Facilitating the integration of migrant individuals
through access to knowledge.
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Psychosocial support & protection

Fostering the psychosocial wellbeing of the most fragile
populations through access to information and culture.
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Information to populations

Enabling access to verified quality information information
de qualité for the most vulnerable populations.
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Bibliothèques Sans Frontières :

Since 2007, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières has worked to bring knowledge and information to those who are most in need.

Libraries are simultaneously excellent places for personal growth and collective development. However, they are too often absent where they could have the most impact.

Because lack of access to information is an important driver of inequality in today’s world, we work in 24 languages, in 50 countries across the globe, and have curated more than 30,000 sources of knowledge and information. These allow us to address some of the most important issues of our world today : education, health, employment, citizenship, environment and sustainability, disability, and technology.

Our work stands halfway between a humanitarian NGO that intervenes in the most difficult situations and a social enterprise that helps local and national governments diffuse knowledge where it is most needed. The diversity of our actions is our strength. Every day, we strive to give everyone the capacity to be free and autonomous, and to make decisions that help realize their aspirations.

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