Producing adverts 1

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16 persons

Number of facilitators

2 facilitators







This activity sheet allows you to teach to a group of teenagers how to create an advert for the radio. They will learn the basics of advertising conception.


During the realisation of this activity these are the type of pedagogical objectives that you can fix to your group :
1. Participants knowing how to research product in print and web.
2. Participants knowing how to create a product and produce an advertising concept
3. Participants knowing how to write a script
4. Participants knowing how to record audio elements and potentially use audio editor to produce advert.
5. Participants knowing how to review the adverts created by the class.

Expected short term outcomes
1. Developed critical thinking
2. Enhanced problem solving capabilities
3. Enhanced creativity
4. Strengthened team work (finding solutions, reaching a consensus, working together to reach a specific goal)
5. Improved communication (listening and expressing oneself)
6. Increased interaction and exchange

Connection with the long-term outcomes
1. Promoted learnings
2. Enhanced social cohesion
3. Increased PSS status (communication)

Worked skills

Worked skills with this activity :
1. Creativity
2. Social cohesion in the group
3. New exchanges on communication
4. Developp critical thinking
5. Learn how to solve problems quickly

Prerequisites for the audience

There is no particular prerequisites to make this activity.


Equipment needed for the realisation of this activity :
1. Recorder
2. Flip chart
3. Paper/pens
4. Computers
5. Tablets
6. Musical instruments

Content used

Content we recommand for the realisation of this activity :
1. Radio adverts
2. Audio editor program
3. Applications to compose music