Reporting live 2

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Children et Teens


15 persons

Number of facilitators

2 facilitators







A very dynamic communication activity !


Global objectives :
1. Participants know how to research about events
2. Participants know how to produce a script for radio
3. Participants know how to create audio elements and potentially use audio editor to produce a reportage on “live event”
4. Participants know how to review the “live event” created by the class

Expected short term outcomes :
1. Developed critical thinking
2. Enhanced problem solving capabilities
3. Strengthened team work (finding solutions, reaching a consensus, working together to reach a specific goal)
4. Improved communication (listening and expressing oneself)
5. Increased interaction and exchange
6. Leadership

Connection with the long-term outcomes :
1. Promoted learning
2. Enhanced social cohesion
3. Increased PSS status (communication)

Worked skills

Worked skills with this activity :
– Research for events
– Editing
– Communication skills
– Producing radio scripts

Prerequisites for the audience

Assumptions :
– Facilitators know how to use the corresponding material
– Sufficient level of literacy

Tips and trick for the facilitator : the participants can follow the same procedure for producing a message, organize a campaign on radio (cf. bullying…).


Equipment needed for the realisation of this activity :
1. Recorder
2. Flip chart
3. Paper/pens
4. Computers
5. Tablets
6. Musical instruments

Content used

Content we recommand for the realisation of this activity :
1. Radio live events
2. Audio editor program
3. Applications to compose music/background noises