Six hats game

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Adults, Children, Seniors et Teens


15 persons

Number of facilitators

1 facilitator







This activity works for every type of age group. Adapt the topic on the specific particularities of the age group.


Expected short term outcomes :
1. Developed critical thinking
2. Improved communication (listening and expressing oneself)
3. Increased interaction and exchange

Connection with the long-term outcomes:
1. Promoted learning
2. Increased PSS status (communication, expression)

Worked skills

Worked skills with this activity :
1. Know how to present ideas
2. Know how to listen to others
3. Know how to express ideas
4. Identify various points of views

Prerequisites for the audience

Tips and trick for the facilitator
We added the first “create your hat” step after testing the activity, as the possibility to leave with a hat they made, in the color they like, got the children more engaged in the activity.
When we first ran the activity we had made the hats already, and the children lingered after class to make hats which disrupted time schedule.
It is necessary to give children time to familiarise themselves with “angles” (colors) in a debate. Don’t expect to have a smooth “multicolor” debate the first time. Take time to play around within one color at a time. And be ready to re explain regularly.
Come ready with fun examples (black: like your old uncle who complains old the time…).


Equipment needed for the realisation of this activity :
1. Computers
2. Tablets
3. Pens
4. Felt pens
5. 6 hats (folded paper) or 6 stripes of paper : blue, white, black, green, yellow, red …
6. Papers

Content used

You don’t need a specific content related to the realisation of this activity unless a later session includes researching information.