Solar system cycle


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Children et Teens


16 persons

Number of facilitators

2 to 3 facilitators







Expected output/s :
1. Participants will be able to name & order the planets of our solar system
2. Participants will be able to describe the main qualities of each planet
3. Participants will be able to write a short text about the solar system
4. Participants will be able to search for a video related to a specific word

Expected short term outcomes :
1. Knowledge about space
2. Creative skills
3. Curiosity
4. Literacy
5. Searching for information online
6. Using apps on a tablet

Connection with the long-term outcomes :
1. Promoted knowledge (science)
2. PSS support: boost self-confidence, team skills, and provide entertainment
3. Provide a safe learning environment

Prerequisites for the audience

Assumptions :
Adjust according to literacy levels :
– Basic literacy if using the books and solar kit
– Literacy level quite high if online researches are done.

Tips and trick for the facilitator : not all parts of the activity needs to be done
– It can just be a papier maché session or
– Just the game session on the tablets if you have a book with the information for them to look for it or posters on a wall. This activity can be linked to an activity of the Art/Creativity cycle : production of a
comic strip, animation film…


Equipment you need for this activity :
1. To build the solar system (cf. video)
2. TV
3. 5 tables & chairs for the participants
4. Tablets
5. Balloons
6. Plenty of newspapers
7. Glue (flour and water)
8. Paint

Content used

The content you need :
1. Solar system puzzle
2. Solar system app
3. Space science package
4. Resources in folder