Entrepreneurship and financial autonomy

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Teens et Adults

Women’s entrepreneurship in developing countries is a priority issue. They have a considerable responsibility: they assume 80% of the children’s expenses – the contribution of the men is almost always confined to the evening meal and to support in the event of a serious health problem.

It is therefore vital for them to earn a living to feed their children 3 times a day, send them to school every day for as long as possible, and treat them in the event of a health problem.

It is also vital for them to no longer depend on their husband and their mother-in-law (to whom the husband often pays his salary, for redistribution) to gain autonomy and have the power to decide which expenses to prioritize.

But there are certain obstacles to their participation in economic life. However, it has many advantages.

This document contains the activity sheets that make up the Entrepreneurship and Financial Empowerment for Women and Girls training program for Ideas Box participants. Most of the activities are group and discussion-based. These activities are suitable for people of different literacy levels. Most activities require minimal preparation.

All activities can be carried out with groups of women and young women. The age of the learners does not matter.