Worksheet: Ice-breaker I’m going to the market… Or how to memorize first names


Ajouter aux favoris


An ice-breaker so that everyone remembers the first names of the workshop or training participants (and you too as a facilitator!).

In a circle, everyone announces what they’re going to buy at the market: something whose first letter is the same as the initial of his/her first name.
Example: « I’m going to the market to buy flour for myself, because my name is Fatma ».

The next person does the same thing, but first repeats the first name and purchase of the previous person.
Example: « I go to the market and buy flour for Fatma and mangoes for me, because my name is
Marie ».

Then: « I go to the market and buy flour for Fatma, mangoes for Marie and bread for me, because my name is Paulin!”

Facilitation tip: you can find whatever you want at the market, not just food. In fact, sometimes people
find it hard to find fruit and vegetables with the first letter of their first name. Although we might prefer food, we imagine can that our invisible market is where you can find all kinds of objects.

You can make the exercise even more challenging by adding a gesture when you say your first name (and you’ll have to remember and repeat each person’s gestures).