Violence against Women and Girls

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Teens et Adults

This parcours contains the 14 activity sheets that comprise the Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) curriculum for Ideas Box participants. Most activities are group-based and discussion-based, in alignment with evidence-based gender-based violence (GBV) prevention curricula and to ensure people of different literacy levels can participate. Most activities require minimal preparation, except for activities explicitly focused on violence against women and girls. Activities are drawn from evidence-based GBV curricula, including: 

  • BIG Change intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention curriculum (implemented in Nepal)
  • Indashyikirwa IPV prevention couples and opinion leaders curriculum (implemented in Rwanda)
  • HERrespect women workers violence against women prevention curriculum (implemented in Bangladesh)
  • Stepping Stones sexual health/gender violence curriculum (implemented in South Africa)
  • Unite for a Better Life IPV prevention program (implemented in Ethiopia)

All activities can be conducted with groups of women and group of men; however, the activities should be led in single-sex groups except when facilitators feel otherwise. The facilitators should also be the same sex as the participants in the group (i.e. women facilitators should facilitate activities among groups of women), especially for the sensitive discussions on violence against women and girls. Activities may also be conducted with adolescents and youth, as noted below. Considerations should be given toward conducting activities with individuals grouped by similar ages. Some activities focus on managing emotions and skill building to manage stress; however, it should be emphasized throughout the curriculum that violence should never be tolerated or accepted. 

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